The cost of recruiting and training new exempt hires is estimated to cost up to $10,057 before on the job training begins; the cost for hourly employees is $1,203. Employee turnover is most frequently caused by a lack of effective, timely intervention in interpersonal disputes in the workplace. Keeping employee turnover low and having an environment where internal conflict and disputes are addressed is seen by your customers through eyes that perceived responsive, engaged employees.  Strife in the workplace affect morale, attitudes and the willingness to actively participate in providing exceptional customer service.


Mediation has been proven to be confidential, highly successful and dignified means of resolving conflict between parents, parents and children and siblings on siblings. Dignified divorce issue resolution has been shown to be a positive behavioral influence on children regardless of the age. Issues typically addressed in a final divorce decree can be decided by divorcing couples themselves most times without a lawyer present. Couples may also achieve agreements on post-divorce matters not typically handled by the courts.

Service Areas We Specialize In:

  • Adult Sibling Conflict
  • Agricultural Issues
  • Alternative to Violence Programs
  • Automobile Lemon Law for New and Used Cars
    • Our principal is certified by BBB to arbitrate Lemon Law purchases in Texas and New Mexico.  Most states have lemon law solutions for used cars as well. 
  • Business Workplace Conflicts and Disputes
  • Civil – General Disputes
  • Commercial; Business to Business and Business to Consumer
  • Contracts
  • Divorce and Child Custody
  • Education
  • Elder Care
  • Environmental
  • Family Estate Planning
  • HOA
  • Health Care
  • Parent / Teen
  • Property and Rental Disputes
  • Planning of Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Real Estate
  • School Resource
  • Peer Mediation
  • Securities
  • Special Education
  • Workplace Trainings
  • Victim Offender Programs
  • + MORE!


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