Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Confidentiality. In most cases discussions and outcomes are confidential.  You can also Create Your Own Outcomes with your opposition. This is not a court of law and by discussion with your opposing party you decide the outcome.  You will save time, money and emotional expense compared to litigation. In most cases, parties walk away maintaining a relationship.

What will your services cost me?

Every issue is different. We do not charge legal fee prices and are less expensive. Call or email us or use our convenient tab “contact us” to discuss your situation.

Will the process be intimidating?

The process is less formal than the court system. We do have some agreements to sign prior to starting that both parties need to agree upon.

I am pretty busy; how long will this take?

The process is managed by you and the party with which you wish us to work with. Meetings, caucuses and time invested are at your convenience and can sessions can be scheduled on weekends and evenings as well as daily.

What happens if we agree?

The decision to agree is captured in document format and the execution is recorded and signed by both parties.

What do I do if the other party breaks the agreement?

A signed, stipulated agreement can be taken and reviewed for execution by our team with the other party or worst case, can be enforced by the court system.

What do we do if we do not agree?

The options if agreement cannot be reached include referral to the legal system for further pursuit. At minimum, you have more understanding and information about the other sides position and interest.

Do I have to meet face to face with the other party?

While the process works best in face to face meetings, you do not have to mediate, arbitrate or negotiate face to face.  You do need to be on property and present in another room during meetings toward possible resolution in order for the process to work best for your interests.